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Check Out Classes From Past Years:  

Looking to create a custom class or event at our studio?  Checking out past offerings may provide inspiration for the future.  




Monday, October 30
10:00 am

Mechanics: The Elevated Centerpiece


Explore mechanics, pricing and transport for elevated centerpiece. Participants will be able to photograph and create receipe for workshop piece to add to their portfolio. This class is advanced and a part of our professional development series. $250 per person

Thursday, November 2
10:00 am

Team Building Workshop with The Walkable Classroom

From Farmer's Market to Fabulous

Tuesday, November 14
Holiday Garland Demonstration and Pop Up Shop

Warrenton Garden Club

Wednesday, November 15
6:30 pm


Mebane Women's Club @ West Queen Studio
Community Appreciation Creation Workshop & Team Building

Friday, November 24
3:00 pm

Holiday Table Family Style $78


Saturday, November 25
10:00 am

Holiday Table Family Style

A great option for grandparent, parent and child Thanksgiving weekend. Each participant will create a portion of a long lasting holiday tablescape.  Those wanting to tackle a more advance design will work with a compote and the younger set or those wanting a more simple task will create votive rings.  Pricing based on number in group $45-95 per person. 

Friday, December 1
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Wreath Making Workshop & Field Luncheon


Proceeds from this workshop will benefit Durham Nativity School.

Saturday, December 2   9:30am- 12:00 pm

Open Wreath Workshop, Reservation Required 
Come solo or bring a pal to make your
own holiday creation. Groups of 5 or more can reserve a group workstation. Please indicate in your reservation others in your group or reservation. This workshop is dedicated to DNS. All proceeds to benefit Durham Nativity School. $42.00 per person, space available.

Saturday, December 2
2:00 - 5:00 pm


Wreath Making Workshop

Sunday, December 3
2:00 - 4:00 pm

Mother Daughter Wreath Making Workshop
This workshop to benefit 

Tuesday, December 5
10:00 am -12:00 pm

Garland Making and Mantle Workshop
$72.00 per person with in class purchase options

Tuesday, December 5
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Wreath Making Workshop


Wednesday, December 6
11:00 am - 2:00 pm 

Holiday Centerpiece Workshop & Field Luncheon

Thursday,  December 7
12:00 - 2:00 pm

Holiday Centerpiece
Create a table centerpiece with evergreens and interchangable elements that will last through the holidays. $94 per person

Thursday , December 7
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Open Wreath Workshop
Nibbles, toddies and wreathing! This workshop to benefit to benefit Preston's League. $60.00 per person


Friday, December 8
10:30 am - 1pm

Wreath Making Workshop and Field Lunch
$55.00 per person

Saturday, December 9
9:30 - 11:30 am

Garland Making and Mantle Workshop
REGISTER HERE limited space available
$72.00 per person with in class purchase options

Tuesday, December 13
5:00 - 7:00 pm

Wreath Making Workshop
Forest Hills Garden Club
Durham, NC
January 23 7:00pm

Magnolias and More


Some Kinda Romance:  Flowers 101
West Queen Studio
Sunday February 11 4:00 pm


With Valentines Day looming learn the basics on floral design and cut flower care.  Walk away with a lovely romantic centerpiece  and learn how to make those quickly purchased red roses that your significant other may come home with look elegant and well thought out. 
$65.00 Space Available

Something Old is New Again:  Using your heirlooms as centerpieces
Thursday Feb 22 at 10 am


Demonstration and hands on workshop.  

$78 with in class purchase options

Space Available

Branching Out
Flowering Branches as Centerpieces
Tuesday Feb 27 at Noon

$35 with additional in class purchase options

MacGregor Downs Garden Club 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

10:30 am 

MacGregor Downs Country Club

Cary, NC

Demonstration:  Holiday Stylings

Contact Linda Schmitt at 919.801.8206 for additional information.


Feathers and Foliage


Thursday, November 15, 2018

10:00 am

West Queen Studio

Wild Turkeys have the most beautifully rich foliage and it is varied in shape and size. We will use rich roses, berries, and unique blooms to compliment a custom create vessel.  Space is limited to 6 participants for this unique class.


Black Friday Bracelets and Blooms Bar


Friday, November 23, 2018

10:am - 2:00pm 

All Ages and levels,  this class is geared for the after Thanksgiving "what do I do with my family now?".  This is an open forum but requires a space reservation.  The bloom and baubles bar will be open from 10:00 am-2:00 pm with instructionals for selecting blooms, cuffs and rings. Following the instructional, participants will create their own floral jewelry to take home or as a gift. There is a $25.00 charge per reservation for the instructional and basic materials excluding the base, base cuffs and rings range from $5.00-11.00 per piece and specialty blooms range from $2.00-7.00 per piece.


To follow is our current  class schedule that is open to the public. 
Check back for added classes or contact us to book a private group workshop or team building event.

Floral Mechanics 101


Tuesday February 12, 2018
10:00 am
West Queen Studio

Great centerpieces are as much about the mechanics as they are the materials. Holy Heider Chapple has revolutionized the mechanics for day to day designs with her pillows.  Learn how these are used in design as well as other bouquet mechanics. Participants will take home a design pillow,  which is included and can take home a bucket of the blooms used in the class to work with at home.

$52.00 for demonstration

$96.00 for demonstration plus take home with a romantic twist

Go Big or Go Home

Thursday, February 7  2019 
7:00 pm
Large Vessel Construction
Floral Design and Photo Workshop 
Join West Queen Studio for a special two part professional series event.   This Hands on Floral Workshop with Chapel Designers Morgan Moylan of West Queen Studio and Jen Wood of Wild Flora Farm will explore the use of negative space in art inspired compote design. Each participant will create their own design using negative space for the second portion of the workshop in which art photographer  Sarah Collier of Taken by Sarah will teach the basic tricks to lighting and art photography using tools as simple as an iPhone.
$152.00 per person flowers and nibbles included
Social Media Photography Demonstration
6:00 Photographing flowers, centerpieces and table settings for Social Media:  Every thought... "The arrangement is beautiful but my photo is not!"   Designed for those who need to use images of their work for proposals, marketing  and social media, Sarah will show the basics to create images truly reflective of the designers work.
$88.00 per person
Intersted?  Click here  and we will add you to the list.

March 21-24
Art in Bloom at 
North Carolina Museum of Art
A four day festival of flowers featuring over fifty floral interpretations of art as well as floral workshops and panel discussion.
Tickets go on sale Tuesday January 22 at 10 for members and Friday January 25 for non members

Wednesday, July 10 6:00 pm

Team Building

Duke Technology Scholars


Created as a bonding event for teams and groups, this workshop teaches the basics of flower arranging and focuses on what to look for in floral design and where to find it but most importantly, how to make it last plus a hands on take home for office or home.  Check out the website for this innovative Duke program that strives to encourage and prepare women for the tech industry.

Tuesday July 23 

10:00 am

StrongHer Together



.Flowers Crowns:  With a  mission of teaching girls to stick together regardless of differences, this great group of young women will be stopping by as a part of their Summer Camp Series to create flower crowns.  Check out our facebook and instagram for photos of the event and their website to learn more about this organization. 

Thursday, August 15 6:00 pm

Cocktails and Creativity

Class Full $95.00

Waitlist Available


Summer is coming to a close, time for a night out to reboot your creativity. Eat, Drink and be Flowery.  Learn how to make the trendy yet still old school offset compote. Compote and Design is yours to take home.

All levels. 



Tuesday, September 10 10:00am


The Riser Group


How does working on a group project effect team relationships? What happens when the group project is one that is out of your comfort zone or full on your bailiwick. Created as a bonding event for teams and groups, this workshop teaches the basics of flower arranging and focuses on what to look for in floral design and where to find it but this particular session will also talk about how our individual approach to a new task impacts your team and they interact. 

Wednesday, September 11 10:00 am


Thursday, September 12 7:00 pm

 Fall Wreath or Centerpiece

Space Available $85.00


. Pampass Grass, Dried Hydrangea and sun bleached blooms make for trendy and long lasting wreaths or centerpieces perfect for fall. The concepts used in this can be applied to both an offset wreath or low and upright centerpiece. When registering please indicate your preference so we can have enough supplies on hand for attendees. We are offering the same workshop at two different times as we know this will be a popular one but because of the space needed for design attendance is limited.

September 22- October 2


Alden Biesen Belgium

As a floral designer I have a bucket list. One of them is attending Fleuramour in Belgium but I always assumed I would be there as a spectator not as a designer! I need to upgrade that bucket. At the end of September I will be on an American and Canadian team lead by Holly Chapple that will be installing a monster design in the Great Hall of  The Castle of Alden Beisen for the 4 day Belgian floral event Fleuramour.  About 100 designers from all over the world will transform the castle grounds of Alden Biesen into a dreamy sanctuary with 140,000 flowers. Ill be posting stories from the event on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow @westqueenstudio

Sunday, October 13 5:00 pm

European Trends




My favorite part of teaching about flowers is taking a great experience like Fleuramour and all that I learn in such an environment and sharing that with local floral enthusiasts.  Join me for a relaxed event where I demonstrate techniques that are trendy in high fashion floral but that can be applied to everyday flowers and floral events. In class purchases can be made so you can try these techniques at home.

Winter Events ...Mark Your Calendar 

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