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The following workshops are just a sampling of the classes and private events hosted by West Queen Floral Studio all year long.  To inquire about additional offerings or to book a private event, please contact us!


From Grocery Store to Glamorous 
Great for all levels and perfect for team building groups; this class is designed to highlight the basics of floral design. The class walks the group through the creation of a simple centerpiece using flowers easily purchased at retail stores, creating a beautiful piece to take home afterwards. 
$55 - $75 per person (based on materials)

From Farmers Market to Fabulous
Similar to the popular Grocery Store to Glamorous this class is a bit more free form. For this class we order flowers from a local farm or CSA and create the design as a group based on what is delivered. A bit like Iron Florist, we talk through vase selection and creative greenery options while I design on the fly. This class is a seasonal class and price depends on the growers availability and participant vase choice.
$55 - $75 per person (based on materials) with optional vase purchase

Twining Tulip Bowl
An elegant class that all levels will enjoy. This class is less involved than other design classes and is well suited to a group wanting to learn but also socialize. Each participant will go home with their own creation as well as the knowledge base to recreate this piece for home or events.
$60 - $80 per person (based on arrangement size)

Wired Orchid
A class for all levels but one that the creative soul will love. A modern approach to a high end centerpeice using bullion wire and Cymbidium Orchids.
$80 - $105 per person

Bridal Workshop

Our most popular event is used both as a bridal shower and bridesmaids luncheon. Brides and their wedding party gather the day before the big event to create their own bouquets in our bouquet workshop or wedding day centerpieces.  

Price varies, please inquire

Branching Out
 Its Spring and Flowering Branches are a great long lasting way to create height and drama in arrangements. Learn how to identify blooming branches,  force branches to bloom and use them solo or mixed. Great Class for grabbing a group of gals for a girls night! 
Class includes 4-foot bunch of cherry blossoms and large vase. $92 per person.

Totally Tubular Tulips AKA Tube Top Tulips
Spring brings lots of fun blooms but often bulb based flowers are hard to arrange (Did you know tulips among others keep growing after they are cut). Arrangements using glass test tubes allow for stem support and the replacement of quick dying stems. It will change your view of spring arranging!  Students can select the size and number of their container and test tubes and go home with an arrangement of replaceable parts for a seasons worth of blooms!
$45 per person, plus in-class options. 

Bouts and Buttons
A part of the aspiring designer series but broken out for those of you who want to tackle formals an proms for your darlings all by yourself.
$35 per person.

Aspiring Designer Series
Ready to take on more technical aspects of floral design?  West Queen Studio offers a series in floristy techniques. These classes are geared towards those who have design elements down and are now looking to layer on floristry techniques.
Price varies, please inquire

Wiring Techniques
A half day class dedicated to wiring. Learn how to brace a flower in a arrangement, extension wiring, corsage and boutonniere prep and which flowers require which gage of wire.
$165 per person, lunch included. 

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